Project Declutter: Cleaning out my closet

Project Declutter: Cleaning out my closet

Nine bags. That was the result of my closet clean-out.

To back-up, I have been thinking about doing a closet clean-out ever since a couple of weeks postpartum when I ventured into my closet, eager to try on my pre-pregnancy clothes, only to discover that quite a few of the items no longer resonated with me. So for the last couple of months, before I knew we would move and I would start Project Declutter, I have been putting aside clothes that I wanted to get rid of as well as clothes that I wasn’t really sure about. Unfortunately, since the process has dragged on for a while and due to the occasional laundry backlog things have been shuffled around to leave me with a hot mess of a closet.

Closet 1Yes, that’s what my closet looked like. During the summer I already got rid of one bag of clothes that I gave to friends and family. Now it turns out that wasn’t even close to enough. Once I had it all out on our bed, it was really shocking to see how much stuff was actually hidden in my closet – and how much I decided to get rid of.

untidy clothes
The sorting was actually really easy and didn’t take me longer than 45 minutes. There were probably 20-ish items that I tried on. As for the rest I knew right away whether I wanted to keep it or not.

It was also interesting to see the composition of things that I’m parting with. About 1/3 were pieces that I had loved, but that weren’t in a good condition anymore or that weren’t my style anymore, about 1/3 were pieces that I had never really figured out how to make them work for me, and, most shockingly, about 1/3 were pieces that I wore maybe once, if at all. Nobody’s perfect, and sometimes you figure out that something doesn’t work for you only after you ripped off the price tag. But for the future my goal is definitely to be more restrictive in terms of what I actually buy!

I’m also getting rid of 5 pairs of shoes, which seems moderate, but the reason for that low number is that I already got rid of quite a few shoes last year during my late pregnancy nesting-phase.

pair of shoes
As you can see, there is a theme going on here: heels. With every pair of those shoes I imagined how I would wear them and how incredibly chic I would look. And really, I think many of my outfits would look amazing with heels. But the truth is, comfort is key for me, even more now that I’m a mom. And heels and comfort don’t add up, at least for me…

So this is what my closet looks now:

closet 2
Yes, you can actually see the wood in the back! 🙂

Am I happy with my wardrobe now?

Yes, I think it’s great to being able to see what I own and to know that I like everything that is in there and that everything in there fits me.

There are two limitations though: I kept 2 blazers that I don’t like just in case I need them for work. I only need formal office wear for special occasions, so I decided to hang onto those lemons until I find the right good quality suit. I also kept 5 other pieces (1 dress, 2 shirts, 2 knits) that I just couldn’t decide whether to get rid of them or not. I give myself until I pack up our clothes for the move, so about 3 weeks, to figure this out.

Another, quite obvious, point is that I haven’t quite figured out how I want to organize my closet – hence the lack of pinterest-worthy, neatly arranged clothes. 😉 Again, the move provides a nice break point. I’ll play around in the next couple of weeks and I’m sure once I put everything in the closet in the new apartment, I’ll have it figured out.

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