Kitchen Organizing – Keeping it the Heart of the Home

The alarm goes off at 6:30 am.  You have an hour to get the kids up, dressed, breakfast made, lunches packed, and backpacks ready.  That is just for the kids.  You have to either be dressed for work, or the gym, or whatever your day entails.  There are breakfast dishes, the laundry, the dog needs […]

5 Ways to Fight Depression and Win

You’re nowhere NEAR being alone if you get the mild winter blahs.You’re nowhere near being alone if you suffer from seasonal depression (or Seasonal Affective Disorder). And nope, you’re also nowhere near being alone if you suffer from completely debilitating depression during the dark, cold months of winter. We’ve consistently been told that depression is […]

“Don’t Feed the Birds!” 4 Postpartum Visitors from Hell

Congratulations! You’ve survived forty weeks—ten, NOT nine—months of pregnancy! You gracefully handled your morning sickness by puking daintily into barf bags covered in adorable prints. When you were finally able to eat again, you shoveled pickles and ice cream into your mouth by the truckload, naively assuming that your blossoming belly put you in the […]

Procrastination as a Virtue: When Putting It Off Pays Off

I once heard someone confidently state the reason it takes so long for cars to move when a traffic light turns green: people are inattentive. It’s an easy assumption to make, but if “people” are anything like me, we fixate on the rear windows, waiting for brake light after brake light to vanish—until it’s our turn […]

Parenting: 10 Things I’m Tired of Saying

Sometimes I feel like it’s Groundhog Day around here with the way I have to repeat myself. It’s almost like every time is the first time. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. For those of you unfamiliar with the Groundhog Day reference, Bill Murray plays a TV weatherman who finds himself in a time loop repeating the same day (which happens to […]

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