Parenting: 10 Things I’m Tired of Saying

Sometimes I feel like it’s Groundhog Day around here with the way I have to repeat myself. It’s almost like every time is the first time. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. For those of you unfamiliar with the Groundhog Day reference, Bill Murray plays a TV weatherman who finds himself in a time loop repeating the same day (which happens to […]

Painting 101 – Things You Should Know Before You Start Painting

Since painting is on the brain right now, I thought I’d do a short series.  First, we’ll just go over the basics.  Then, the next post will be about tips that I’ve learned.  This post is fairly basic, but I decided to do it because way back in the day I wouldn’t have known all […]

Clean vs. Dirty Colors – 2 Tips for Adding Color to Your Home

Do you like Emerald Green? If you do, the question is, does it work in just any space?  When does green work?  And, when does it just not work?   (Shhh, but these tips work with any color.) In a way, green is easy to add since it’s the color of plants and that is considered […]

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