How I Keep My House Clean

How I Keep My House Clean

Maybe you have several little ones running around, work full-time or just hate to clean. I get it.

I used to put it off until my house was so totally dirty and gross that I’d have to spend an entire day cleaning everything. I’ve since learned to let go a little bit and accept that dirt and crumbs are part of raising a child (especially a boy), but I’ve developed a schedule to keep my house “clean enough” and avoid spending an entire day cleaning.

I do a few things every day that keep the house looking tidy, in addition to my weekly cleaning.

1. I Make the Bed

I can’t stress the importance of this one. Just making the bed, something that takes me all of 5 minutes, makes my home feel so much more organized. Even if the floors are covered in crumbs, a made bed will pull everything together.

2. I Clean the Kitchen Counters

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Between preparing bottles and meals and washing dishes, this area gets the dirtiest by far. I can’t keep it spotless all the time, but by taking not even 5 minutes to wipe down the counters every day, it stays relatively clean. I use a vinegar, water and dish soap solution that I add essential oils to. Be on the look out for a post about my homemade cleaning products!

3. I Do A Load of Laundry

There’s no reason to spend an entire day doing a kajillion loads of laundry. By doing at least 1 load every day, I stay on top of it and I never have to worry that something that I need is still dirty. You can even throw it in the washer before you head off to work and then switch it over to the dryer as soon as you get home. No excuses!

4. I Clean Any Dirty Dishes

Since I make pretty much every meal from scratch, we dirty a lot of dishes. If I let them stack up in the sink, it gets smelly and gross and makes me feel like crap. So I make sure I get them done every day. I also run the dishwasher pretty much every day. If you don’t fill the dishwasher up every day, that’s fine- don’t run it unless it’s full!

Making sure to do these 4 things every day will make your house feel more tidy. A tidy home helps you to feel more in control and less stressed! So do whatever you have to do to get AT LEAST these 4 things done EVERY day. Get up a little bit earlier, stay up a little later, come home on your lunch break.. Whatever it takes. I can PROMISE you it will make you feel better!

What Else

In addition to those 4 things I do every day, I have a weekly schedule that I follow. I do 1 or 2 “deep” clean sort of tasks every day. This helps make the house feel like it’s always clean and I don’t have to tie up a whole day cleaning the house top to bottom. Here is what my weekly schedule looks like:

Now, I’m sure you don’t have a Tom and a Leo to do laundry for; you may not have a basement that needs sweeping and mopping, or a car to clean out. I don’t expect you to follow my schedule exactly, but I did make a blank cleaning checklist for you to fill out yourself! I WANT to help you keep your house clean! I know how much better I feel when my house is tidy. It’s also so much less overwhelming to prepare for guests when the house is relatively tidy at all times.

Print a bunch of the schedules off and fill it out every week, laminate it and use a dry erase pen, hang it on your fridge or next to your desk- whatever will help you get this stuff done! I can’t begin to explain how much easier this schedule has made my life!

How do you get your house clean now? Do you follow a schedule already? Comment and let me know!

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