Closet organization

Closet organization

Do you find it hard to keep your closet neat and organized? I certainly do – actually I did. After my closet declutter I had a lot less clothes to handle. While the smaller number of clothes to organize certainly helped, the declutter alone was not what did the trick for me.

In order to ensure the success of my project capsule wardrobe (click here for my actual capsule wardrobe for fall and winter), I wanted to organize my closet in a way that it was easy to see all my clothes. At the same time, I wanted to establish an organization system that would make it easier for me to keep my closet neat and tidy – for good, not just the first week after implementing a new organization system.

By now it’s been over a month that I have used this organization technique and I am genuinely happy with it.

So what’s the secret?

It’s the KonMari way of folding. Yes, I know. I was sceptical about the whole KonMari folding style when I read the book. If you want to learn more about the book you can check out my take on it here. Marie Kondo stresses that the majority of our clothes should be stored folded, not on hangers. The clothing should be folded upright so they stand on edge, not stacked on top of each other like in stores.

I now only hang dresses, skirts, and button-down shirts. Everything else is folded. I follow the KonMari way of folding, so that everything stands on edge.

How do I fold?

I had high intentions of searching for YouTube videos to find the best way to fold a certain piece of clothing. But when it came down to it, I just winged it. Again, her book surprised me. She is very vague about how to fold clothing properly and says that you’ll know it once you’ve found the right folding strategy. This is exactly how it went. I started folding things up, trying to get them to stand on edge, and after folding 2 or 3 items, I had figured out how they needed to be folded. It’s really up to you! Also, my folding sometimes changes within the category depending on the texture of the fabric: chunky knits need to be folded differently than a thin pullover.

Isn’t the KonMari folding a lot of work?

Actually, that was my biggest concern, too, going into this experiment:

“Also, contrary to what she stresses, the method of folding seems kind of obscure and keeping the folding up after every laundry sounds really tedious to me…” (see my review on Marie Kondo’s book)

But I can assure you, now that I’ve worked with this system for over a month, that it won’t be more or less annoying than folding your clothing the conventional (flat lying) way. The biggest advantage of the folding method that I found is the effect it has on how my closet looks. Because every clothing item is easily accessible (since the clothes are not stacked on top of each other), pulling one item out doesn’t leave a mess. If your closet remains in a neat state, it is much easier and much more attractive to keep it that way.

How is my closet organized then?

All my clothes for the season are now in the closet. This is the biggest tip that I can give you – after actually doing a closet declutter. I know, I keep stressing the closet de-clutter. But I am genuinely happy with the results that I have seen since I de-cluttered, that I can only encourage you to do the same. But, I’m getting sidetracked. The closet. I used to keep my lounge clothes separate from my “good” clothes, and it was very difficult to stay on top of what I have and what I want to wear for which occasion.

This is also a point from Marie Kondo that I took away from the book and that has resonated very much with me ever since: store items of one category in one place only! So now, I have all the clothes from my capsule wardrobe and my fall/winter lounge clothes in the closet. I also try to sort everything from dark to light.

I love that my closet looks paired down – and no, that’s not just the case because my jeans are in the laundry. 😉 If you have looked at my capsule wardrobe, you know that there are only a few more items in my closet if everything is washed and ironed.

I love that with one glimpse I can see exactly what I could wear. Thanks to the new way of folding I know exactly what is in there and where to look for an item. No “oh, I had completely forgotten about you”-incidences. I am very happy with this system that I implemented.

If you sometimes get lost in your closet, wear the same clothes over and over again, and struggle with keeping your closet neat, give the KonMari way of folding a try!

Have you tried the KonMari way of folding?

What’s your least favorite task about your closet – washing, ironing, folding?

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