BBQ Smokers – Is it Really Worth it?

BBQ Smokers – Is it Really Worth it?

What could taste better on a summer’s day than some great barbecue? What’s better than barbecue? Smoked barbecue? Well then, why not invest in a smoker? There are plenty of options out there for you to choose from, no matter your price range, that will get the job done.

Many people prefer electric food smokers over traditional charcoal because there is no need to hover over the meat while is being cooked. With a quality electric smoker, the machine can now do the cooking while you relax with a cold drink. I made my own smoker, which is far from automatic!

What does smoking food means

Smoking food is the process of cooking food very slowly over wood to add flavour. This can be done either cold or buy adding heat. Food smoking is currently a bit of a trend in cooking so if you fancy trying to go back to basics and smoke your own meats and fish read on and I will show you where to begin. It would be cool to be able to make your own Jerky!

So, why would you want an electric smoker for your home?

First of all, the taste of smoked food is just divine. It makes me salivate to just think about it. Additionally, an electronic smoker is easier to maintain. You can just adjust the temperature, load up the meat or other foods you wish to smoke, and forget about it for a while. The goods I will recommend in this article have high ratings and are safe for your household.

Which type of smokers should I buy?

Things to look out for when you are shopping for a smoker are the quality of construction – not just in the frame, but in the drip pans and the smoke chip pans, you want a grilling rack surface that is easy to clean, and a sturdy base. If you intend to move your smoker, whether to take it with you somewhere or just move it under the porch for winter in places where it snows, you’ll want to look for something with sturdy handles as well. Before purchasing the best bbq smokers of 2021, You need to ask yourself below question:

  • Do you want to smoke your food indoors or out?
  • Wood smokers provide the most authentic flavors
  • Want to smoke food without too much worry about watching the temperature and smoke?
  • An electric smoker takes a lot of the guess work out of smoking food

Best Smokers under $1,000

Best Smoker Brands: Cookshack, Smokin Tex Pro
Alright, if you’re going to spend this much money on a smoker, well … you’re either really serious about it, going into business, or have a huge family with a huge love for smoked meats. And with either of these brands, you will get seriously smoked food – these large smokers are perfect for larger amounts, multiple items being smoked at the same time, and so on.

Many of these models will include multiple smoking racks (sometimes multiple smoking chambers depending on the model) in order to maximize your smoking capacity. Models in this price range can either be traditional barbecue style or they can be electric (like most models from the two brands listed above) – just plug in electric ones, put a small amount of wood chips in, and let it do the rest for you.

Reviewers of these models loved how well built their smokers were, with heavy duty stainless steel construction and amazing insulation. They were very pleased by the low amount of wood chips it actually took to smoke their meats properly, with the use of electric smoker models. Those who reviewed their models also raved about the high quality smoked meat that came out of them.

Best Smokers under $500

Best Brands: Weber, Masterbuilt, Bradley
Who says you need the most expensive smokers to do a good job? Reviewers of these brands would dare to argue that, saying that any of the brands listed above will give you just as good a smoker as those . They were impressed by the smokers’ abilities, like its ease of use, while producing high quality smoked foods.

Models in this price range are either electric or charcoal. They offer a great amount of control over the internal temperatures on the units thanks to their built in thermometers and great insulation. Some of the electric ones even come with a remote control for simple, easy use and adjustments, making it simpler than ever for you to smoke your meat how you like it.

And they are not just for meat – several customers also tried vegetables and sometimes even fruit (like you would on a normal barbecue) and said that these did the trick, producing that delicious side dish to the meal (or main dish for a vegetarian) that they wanted.

The models in this price range were also highly praised for their easy assembly and slightly more compact size than larger, more expensive models.

Top-rated smoker under $200

Buy Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smoker Here The first product worth checking out in more depth is the Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker. In all honesty, this sleek looking machine could double as a safe to store money and personal belongings if it was not for the fact that it is used for smoking food. That horrible joke aside, this smoker is well within the budget set up in this article, and fully featured at that.

Some points really worth highlighting are the storage capacity, which can hold and smoke around 30 pounds of meat at any given time. Additionally, it comes with a digital thermometer, is well insulated, and runs on a minimal amount of electricity, which is good to know so your electric bill does not turn out to be immense.

Repeated user reviews also hail the customer support as being top notch as well. It may well be worth the investment. Not that you should need help using this easy to use smoker for making tasty jerky and sausages.

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