6 Tips To Eating Healthy on a Budget

6 Tips To Eating Healthy on a Budget

Unlike the common thoughts, it is possible to buy healthier groceries for your family and still stay within your budget. Here are my 6 tips that will help you eat healthier while still not spending more money than normal.

Although the economy is slowly improving, many families and single people are still making budgets cuts and some of these budget cuts are being made to their grocery bills. With a limited budget, it’s normal to believe healthy eating is too expensive. Although there is some validity to this statement, it is possible to find ways to purchase healthy food.

Even with food prices rising, you can eat healthy on a budget. Trust me, it CAN be done!

Are you ready to learn? Here we go!

1. Buy in bulk

Buy in bulk by purchasing a Sam’s or Costco card. Buying food items in bulk saves you money per item. Be aware that when buying in bulk, avoid buying perishable items in unless they can be placed in the freezer in order to eat at a later time. For example buying too much fruit that will go off too fast, will cause to lose money instead of saving.

2. Clip coupons

Clipping coupons is tedious work, but it will save you money. Therefore create a surplus of coupons and use them as often as possible.

3. Search for grocery depots and outlets

Grocery depots and outlets provide selected brand items and some name brand items at a lower the normal price.  When purchasing these items, be sure to check expiration dates on all items. Food items are typically discounted even lower when they are close to their expiration date.

4. Price compare

Make a list of all the items you need to prepare your meals and determine where you can find the items you need for the cheapest price. You may discover your meat products are less expensive at one store versus another store. Use this method for your produce, veggies, and fruits. Some stores will even price compare on certain items.

5. Create a grocery list

Creating a grocery list is a necessity when grocery shopping on a budget. Not only will having a grocery list save time and prevent wandering, it will also save money due to the prevention of buying unnecessary items. When creating a grocery list, it should be made with specific meals in mind. Making meals at home is far less expensive than investing in pre-made and prepackaged food items. Create a menu plan for the week and stick to it.

Meal and menu planning resources can be found online at allrecipes.com and kraft.com. The library is also another great resource for recipes, meal ideas, and menu planning.

6. Buy local

Locate a farmer’s market within a close proximity of your residence. Most farmer’s markets are held on weekends and are cheaper than buying from a large grocery. Your fruits and veggies may also be fresher due to limited transport. Buy veggies and other produce on sale and freeze the portions you and your family don’t consume right away. Freezing your food right away has been shown to lock in nutrients.
Healthy On a Budget CAN Be Done!

Although it may seem overwhelming to provide a healthy lifestyle for you and your family, don’t allow the THOUGHT that healthy costs too much defer you from applying the tips above.

Remember your health EMPOWERS every aspect of your life and you and your family are worth finding ways to get healthier!

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