15 Life lessons l learnt from my mother!

15 Life lessons l learnt from my mother!

My mother died a few years ago, when she died l was just entering my teens but l had been around her long enough to learn a few valuable lessons and l thought it would be nice to share these with you. The memories that l have of my mother are something that l value and hold onto with all my heart.  Although l’m grown now and life has swiftly moved on as it should,

l’m afraid to forget my past as this means l may end up forgetting the few special moments that l spent with her. So here and there l find myself reminiscing and picking out a few life lessons l can wring out from memory and journaling them away so l never forget. Someday l will sit with my daughter or son and share with them the priceless moments that l shared with their grandmother. (Ha! I’m already living in the future). I hope you grab a lesson or two from the list below and these are in NO particular order; here goes…

Life lessons l learnt from my mother

  1. Pray everyday

    You cannot stumble when you are on your knees. She always used to tell me that there is power in a praying woman and l believe that to this day. One of her favourite books was “The power of a praying woman” by Stormie Omartian and to this day it is one of my favourite books too.

  2. Take pride in the way you look without being vain

    Take care of yourself as a woman, don’t let yourself go even after you are married. Respect your body. Look in the mirror every morning and thank God for making you the way you are. Don’t wait for another man or woman to look at you and tell you that you are beautiful. Know it for yourself and carry yourself around like the queen that you are.

  3. Have a big heart

    Love selflessly. Be kind. Take care of people even though they will never be able to repay you for your goodness. Always strive to put others first because with someone else’s happiness your own heart will be full.

  4. Forgive.

    People are going to do so many messed up things to you but talk it over with God and let it go. Also remember that in life every relative isn’t family and every one that smiles at you is not your friend.

  5. Don’t compare yourself to others.

    She always used to say, “You are different miriam and you do not come from the family they come from. Be content with what your family has and gives you.” – I attended boarding school for about four years of my life and l would constantly be asking my mother to buy “such and such a thing” because “so and so had it too.” I had to learn the lesson to be content with what l have at a very young age.

  6. Do not steal, you will always get caught

    I had a little habit when l was in primary school. Every time my mom would come home she would have little coins in her purse, so l would take one little coin because l thought she wouldn’t realise since she had so many coins. I did this for a while and l would always buy little treats for myself the following day. But l soon got bored of taking little pennies and wanted something bigger to spend and my little fingers started taking more. Until l finally took a paper note. IMAGINE! That day my mother finally realised what was happening. She didn’t hit me or shout at me. She cried and asked me “why? am l not giving you enough?” That broke my heart more than anything and l vowed l would never steal again and to this day that vow still stands true.

  7. Be strong to the very end

    But remember strong women feel weak too and cry..its okay. Its okay to feel pain. Its okay to cry yourself to sleep. Just remember that the next day you get up, wipe those tears and keep moving. It always gets better, nothing ever remains the same. – She died a fighter!!

  8. Value education

    People can take away everything you have but nobody can take away the knowledge that you own. Thats yours to keep. Work hard. Stay humble. Its never too late to become what you want to be in life. The only limitations there are in life, are the limitations that you place on yourself. – My mother was still studying every single night pursuing her dreams and waking up to go to work the following morning. She never gave up.

  9. Keep a journal

    Memories are special. Write them down. Capture and chronicle the events in your life on paper because one day your memory will fail you. Or better still someday your children will have journals full of quotes and life lessons that you can leave them with when you die. – I found a whole stack of journals when my mother died. I love reading them and the many quotes that she kept from all the books she read in her lifetime. That’s why l love a good journal!

  10. If you have a “house-help” respect her

    She has much authority as your parents, you didn’t hire her, they did. – I used to disrespect our “house-help” until my mother taught me a lesson of a lifetime! Its too long to share here but if you ever meet me, ask me:)

  11. Never forget your children’s birthdays

    And throw them parties whenever you can. These are moments that they will never forget, even when they grow older. – My mom never forgot my birthday, no matter how broke she was that month she would make sure to do something small but special for me.

  12. The woman’s place is in the kitchen.

    Don’t get it all twisted ladies and done read too much into that statement all I’m saying is that as a woman you have to know how to cook and cook well. Call her traditional if you may, but she knew her place and she carried it out very well. Work on this and perfect it. There is something about a woman who knows her way around the kitchen.

  13. Smile frequently and dance often.

    I love smiling and l love to dance. My mother always used to say the more you smile, the more you keep the wrinkles off your face. People are attracted to people who smile. Also dance its good for your soul. She loved to dance, she would dance when she is cleaning, cooking or even doing my hair. I love to dance (In private of course) life is too short to stand still.

  14. Tell your children you love them often. Its never too much

    Kiss them and tuck them in when you go to bed even if they are already sleeping. They will never forget it. Its always the small little acts of love that count.

  15. Finally, Marriage is a blessing

    Pray sincerely for God to give you a husband that He sees fit. It will not always be rosy and cosy but it will all be worth it. Spoil your husband once in a while and show your children that you love each other often. They are watching and learning. Pray as a family as often as you can and God will bless your home.

I could write so many lessons and l will probably will in the future. I never got a lot of years to spend with my mother but the few that God blessed us with where beautiful. If you still have your mother around value her, cherish her, pray for her and love her. Life is short and our parents will not always be around with us forever.

That is the sad reality of life. Those little things that your mother does that you find annoying and you roll your eyes at will someday be a memory that you will cherish. Hold them close. If you lost your mother already, l sympathise with you but don’t let that stop you from living your life to the fullest.

Also remember that God never leaves us alone, he always places awesome and supportive women in our lives. Its our choice to accept them, appreciate them and love them as the mother figures that God has blessed us with. I have so many of these precious women in my life that God is using to bless me and help me grow into the woman that He wants me to be. God is faithful in all things, trust Him!

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