12 Must-Have Baby Products

12 Must-Have Baby Products

There are tons of lists out there with the “Top 25 Baby Products” you “need,” but they are all super expensive items (do you really need a $200+ baby monitor??). I’ve compiled a list of the things we loved having for the first year, and they don’t break the bank! If someone wants to gift you that $100 baby swing, TAKE IT! But if you are wondering what you actually need to buy, here’s our list.

12 Must-Have Baby Products

#1 Fisher-Price Deluxe Take-Along Swing & Seat

Fisher-Price Deluxe Take-Along Swing & Seat
This is the same exact swing we have, and we loved it! When my son wouldn’t sleep in the crib, we plopped him in this and he was out! The vibrations really helped him sleep, and if he was really cranky, we would turn on the music and that would put him right out. It has music as well as different nature noises, and they automatically turn off after a few rounds. Sometimes the music on baby things is super annoying. Both my husband and I are music people, and we agreed that this music was pretty good!

#2 Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer with Vibrating Seat

Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer with Vibrating Seat
I know what you’re thinking…why do I need a swing and a bouncer? For one thing, it’s hard to sleep in a bouncer. Second, you can keep the swing where it will be most used and not have to drag it around the house. We kept the swing near our bedroom/bathroom and the bouncer near the kitchen. It’s a great place to feed your baby when they first start solids, and if you need to make dinner you can add the spinning animals for entertainment! I’ll be honest, the mirror on this is pretty bad. I mean, baby mirrors usually are, but don’t expect your baby to be able to see them self…at all 🙂

#3 HALO Sleepsack 100% Cotton Swaddle

HALO Sleepsack 100% Cotton Swaddle
We are so fortunate the hospital gave us one of these. Unlike swaddling blankets, these do not come undone! We did use these swaddling blankets, but more during the day. The SleepSack is easy to Velcro, and it’s not super heavy. My son got addicted to this thing, so we had to kind of wean him off of it when he got older, but it did help him sleep the first few months!

#4 Summer Infant Splish ‘n Splash Newborn to Toddler Tub

Summer Infant Splish 'n Splash Newborn to Toddler Tub
One of the great features about this is right in the title–infant to toddler! I can give him a bath now using way less water than filling the whole tub, and when he was a newborn the mesh hammock part was great to lay him on. I have never been one to use the sink for baths (it’s always full of dishes…haha), so this was a great investment. Also, I have used it over the sink when my son was a newborn. It has a notch to secure it over the sink divider, that way I could let all the water go right down the drain while I used the shower/hose attachment of the sink.

#5 OXO Tot Waterproof Silicone Roll Up Bib with Comfort-Fit Fabric Neck

OXO Tot Waterproof Silicone Roll Up Bib with Comfort-Fit Fabric Neck
Someone gave this to me at my shower because they loved theirs, and I have to agree! Once you have this bib, you don’t need a lot of others. It is for older babies, but it has a few adjustments. It’s washable, rollable (is that a word?), and has a pocket to catch crumbs (my son loves to pull it up above his head and let the crumbs fall in his mouth!). Overall great product!

#6 Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat

Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat
High chairs are expensive. And bulky. And a pain to clean. This seat, however, is great! We went from the bouncer to this for eating. It is super cheap, great for traveling (you can take it somewhat apart and fold it up), and easy to clean. We were worried it might not fit our chairs since they have small seats, but it fits great! We mostly keep it on one chair for my son, but when needed we can take it off to put on the floor or take with us to grandma’s. Did I mention it’s super cheap?

#7 Little Remedies Infant Fever & Pain Reliever

Little Remedies Infant Fever & Pain Reliever
Teething is super fun. Not! I tried to give L as little medication as possible, but sometimes he just needed some pain relief. I couldn’t get myself to give him any other brand. They have loads of dyes and parabens in them! Why is it necessary to put straight up parabens in baby medicine? I’m sure they have a reason, but I just don’t get it and couldn’t buy it. Little Remedies’ version is great! L loves the grape and strawberry flavors.

#8 Munchkin White Hot Infant Safety Spoons

Munchkin White Hot Infant Safety Spoons
These are a fabulous invention! These were all we used when we gave him baby cereal and warm purees. They are soft, have a great shape, and actually work! You don’t have to keep tasting or feeling your baby’s food because these will tell you.

#9 VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
I don’t even know where to begin with this toy. It’s amazing. We were given this as a gift, and I am so thankful because I would never have thought of it! my son was slow in the sitting milestone, but I’m convinced that it’s this toy that helped him learn to sit. Every morning I plopped him in front of this (and plopped pillows behind him) while I made breakfast. It’s so interactive and really keeps babies’ attention! Then he started using it for pulling up and walking! He also loves the phone and creaky barn door. Also, the music is great! There are a lot of songs and fun sound effects. I could talk all day about this thing, but the bottom line is that it’s an amazing toy. If you have a little extra room in your budget, get this (you don’t need it right away either)!

#10 Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup
There are pretty much two sippy cups that he uses now, and this is one of them. It’s great for learning how to drink without a straw or spout, and it comes apart for cleaning. One thing I’ve noticed is that it can leak a few drops if it gets thrown on the ground from a highchair *cough* but overall it’s a cool cup.

#11 Nuby 2-Pack No-Spill Cup with Flex Straw

Nuby 2-Pack No-Spill Cup with Flex Straw
This is the other cup that I use for my son. The straw works like a Camelbak, so it doesn’t leak! It can be a pain to clean if you don’t have the right brushes (I use the little straw brushes from his bottles), but other than that it is a great cup!

#12 Eddie Bauer Diaper Bag

Nuby 2-Pack No-Spill Cup with Flex Straw
This is not an expensive designer bag, but it definitely does the job! It’s a lot bigger than I thought, which is great for holding lots of goodies. It has a back pocket, side pockets, and a couple front zipper areas (I made those “mommy” areas!). Inside is a slot for the changing pad it comes with (bonus!), insulated bottle pockets, and a small zippered area. This bag really does hold a lot, and has stood up very well–after a year it still looks brand new even though I use it all the time! You can carry it by the handles, or use the cross-body strap. Basically, it’s amazing.

So, besides the necessities like a crib & carseat, these are some of the products that we loved having for the first year. Obviously there are many more that I didn’t mention, but these are some of the top things I would recommend. It will be interesting to see what I use for my son in his second year! What are some of your favorite baby products?

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