10 Things to Clean When You Get Sick

10 Things to Clean When You Get Sick

How much do you clean when your house gets a bug? Just about the time I think we are in the clear for the sick season, spring hits and sends our bodies through a whole new whirl of colds and allergies.

As I got my bucket of cleaning supplies out to clean the whole house, I paused and thought about the spots that probably need it the most. I can’t scrub every wall and toy (as much as I may want to). So I ran through a list about the things that get touched the most, and probably not cleaned as often as they should be.

When people are sick, germs are on their hands, in their mouths, where they breathe and touch. So I got to work getting these spots cleaned first, and thoroughly. Now when I clean the house, I make sure to get these places every time to help prevent anyone getting sick.


10 Things to Clean When You Get Sick

Tooth Brush

how to clean tooth brush

Put it in the dishwasher or just replace it. And be cautious how you store them; don’t place your toothbrushes where they are touching other’s toothbrush.

Door Handles

We touch them every day, but how often do you wipe and disinfect them? For children, you may want to wipe down the parts of the door they push on that are not the handle.

Stair Railing

So. Many. Germs. Wipe it down and disinfect it thoroughly. Enough said.

Sheets & Pillows

pillowsPillows are one of the most germ covered places. Your breathe, skin, hair – they all leave residue and germs. It is important to wash your pillows as frequently as you do sheets. It is usually one of the first things I clean when my kids get sick. I even steam clean them and their beds to help kill any bacteria. And if you can, toss in the comforter for good measure or in the dryer for a sanitizing cycle.


Bath towels, hand towels, all of them. Wash them, and replace after each use. It can be a pain to do this each round, but it will help avoid the spread of sick germs.

Light Switches

Another household spot that is touched daily, but may be forgotten with regular wipe downs and disinfectant.


At our house my kids are always opening and closing cupboards and drawers throughout the house. I try to wipe them down at least once a month with cleaner, but if illness has hit our home – I do it again more thoroughly.


Another important thing to clean regularly. Washing our hands is essential to avoid getting sick, but dirty hands still turn the water faucet on. Make sure you wipe and disinfect these regularly to help avoid any spread of germs.


Anything your kiddos or you touch daily should be sprayed: remotes, toys, electronics, keyboards, etc. Things that are often touched by more than one person.

Couches & Furniture

cleaning couches

Admit it, when your family gets sick you dread the fact they are camped out on the couch… right where you want to be, spreading their germs around the house. I make sure I use my steam cleaner to disinfect my couches, chairs, and sometimes even the seats in my car (but only when it’s a sickness that is really bad). And like I mentioned earlier, I use it on mattresses too. I highly suggest investing in a steam cleaner.

Obviously disinfecting everything all the time isn’t good for the immune system, germs are good. But when an illness like strep or the flu hit – no one wants to share germs. During these times I go overboard and clean more than not. But it helps our family to avoid sharing the same sickness with everyone. Good luck, and healthy living!

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