The Truth About Holistic Cleansing

The word holistic can be pretty vague. You know it’s a good word … you know it’s healthy … you know it has something to do with, well, everything. But you’re not 100% clear.

Cleansing, on the other hand, is pretty much completely obscure. You might think, isn’t that something to do with drinking only water, taking some pills that you bought from a chemist, and then sitting on the toilet for the next two days feeling like death warmed up?

My fascination with cleansing has been many years in the making, but it is only in the last couple of years that I have truly discovered the absolute beauty, and the desperate need, for everyone to holistically cleanse.

Holistic means that you’re looking at the whole of something. To get a perfect idea of the meaning of this word, please click here to read.

That is EXACTLY what holistic means. It is your mind, your body, and your soul. They are all interrelated, and if one is out of whack, then it is guaranteed that the others are not on track.

Cleansing is the means of removing toxins from your body, mind, and soul, so that the body can move towards its innate state of peace and vitality. You cleanse by doing two things.

  • You stop putting the bad stuff in. This means the processed foods, the drugs, the alcohol, and the artificial stuff. You stop the negative self-talk, the fears of not being good enough, everything that does not serve you.
  •  You put the good stuff in. The whole foods. The nourishing foods. The probiotics, the super foods, the medicinal herbs. The activities that allow your body to rejuvenate. The positive thoughts, the love, the creativity, the excitement, the passion. Get all of THAT into you.

You can always make time to cleanse – body and mind. Life can be pretty fast paced, and it’s hard to keep up sometimes. But when you work with the changes of the seasons, and truly focus on you and your body – even if only for a moment, you give yourself the energy and vitality needed throughout the rest of the year to live the life you want.

You don’t have to be perfect 100% of the time. If you splurge one day, your body can handle it, so long as you are taking steps to annually, if not seasonally, cleanse yourself. Take the time to slow down and smell those insanely beautiful roses. Life is here to be enjoyed, not endured. Nature is a sensational guide, and by following her cues, her temperament, her foods, and her moods, you will know exactly what your body needs and wants to thrive.

The Truth About Holistic Cleansing

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