How I Organized My Home In Just 1 Weekend

organising home

It’s been a crazy weekend.  But I have a big announcement:  I finally pulled myself together and organized the house.

What prompted all this:

For one, I was totally fed up with my disorganization.  If you’ve been hanging around here for a while, you know my struggle with organizing.  But I finally cracked.  I mean, you can only live so long crunching over legos and rolling on crayons before you resolve to take action.  I even considered moving.  But the Man pointed out that he didn’t think that was feasible as a weekend project.

Maybe it’s just spring fever or something, but on top of everything else, I feel so out of shape.  Like a walrus overwintering in the arctic circle.  It’s probably just all the layers of clothes I wear, but whatever the reason, I got sick of it too.

And then the kids.  I think we all are suffering from being stuffed up in the house all winter.  The yard has been a total mud pit since the first of the year.  It just been me, the kids, and the schoolbooks.  We’ve nearly suffocated ourselves.


I snapped.

Really.  It was definitely one of those “I’ve-totally-had-it” moments.

There were only two choices:  take action, or run down the street screaming.

So I took action.  Here’s what I did.


How I organized my home In Just One Weekend

1.  I sorted all of the legos by color and type in different bins.

I re-purposed an old bookshelf in the garage and lined all the bins up it.  When the kids want to play, they have to submit a card to me requesting a certain color or type.  So far, so good.  No more lego crunching.

2.  I organized all the children’s books.

Constantly falling off the shelves, being shoved sideways, pages crumpled, and covers torn off…books alone were enough to send me over the edge.  I conquered by alphabetizing them by author and assigning them a number secured with a piece of tape to the spine.  The kids have to check them out just like it were a “real” library.  No return book, no new book.

3.  To overcome the laundry problem, I whipped up these French laundry hampers

Each family member has one and they are responsible for getting their dirty laundry in it and then wheeling it to the laundry room each morning.  Failure on their part = dirty clothes for them.  You have no idea how good this makes me feel.

4.  Desperation to find the turmeric drove me to alphabetizing my spice drawer

This was something I swore I would never do.  But I found some inexpensive drawer dividers from Ikea, then alphabetized the spices according to their usage (sweet, savory, so forth).  I can actually find the turmeric now.  Still looking for a way to actually use it.

5.  I tackled the ever-looming linen closet.

I started by getting rid of all the twin sized fitted sheets that have no top-sheet mates.  Then I meticulously folded all the linen napkins, pillowcases, and washcloths, and sorted them according to frequency of use.

6.  I ferreted out every single piece of clothing that hasn’t been worn in the last six months from every member of the family and donated them.

Donated the clothes, not the family members.  But I was tempted.

7.  The kitchen was a nightmare so I systematically sorted through its entire contents

I tossed aside every gadget, dish, or utensil that I have never used in my entire married life, but have yet dragged along with me on no less than eleven different moves.  Cheese slicer?  I have no idea.  I filled a box the size of a refrigerator and donated it to Goodwill for others to take along on their respective moves.

8.  Catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror sometime late Saturday night reminded me about about getting in shape.

So I decided to fulfill my dream of being a runner and added a daily five-mile run to my schedule. I had to look the part, so I bought an iPod and earbuds and even a running skirt.  Already I feel a lot better.  I recommend this to anyone.

9.  I didn’t want to neglect the Man in all this so I organized regular weekly date nights

I logged everything onto an online calendar so the Man can access it from work and know just where to meet me each Friday night.  I even made restaurant reservations and scheduled with the babysitter for the next six months.

10.  The kids were still driving me crazy, so I decided to transform our garage into an indoor gym.

We’ve been talking about it for several years anyway and since I really am committed to my no-outside-activities plan, I had had to do something.  Who needs garages anyway?  Our van doesn’t even know it exists.

We added an indoor slide, a rock climbing wall, swings, a rope net, and low impact flooring.  The kids are loving it.  You can’t even imagine how hard it is to get them to just veg out and watch a movie for heaven’s sake.

In the end?

It was definitely an exhausting weekend.  I’m not gonna lie.  But after all this, I can say with a clear conscience that there is not one area of my life that is not thoroughly and completely pulled together.

And that feels so good.

I collapsed Sunday night in a happy, contented heap, satisfied that finally I had it all together.

Perhaps even better, I finally had inspiration for a series on how to organize your home.

How I Organized My Home In Just 1 Weekend

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