A Trip to Wonderland

Last Saturday, my sister, mum and me went to Deinze (a Belgian city, you pronounce it as [ˈd̪ɛɪ̯n̪z̪ə] haha). There aren’t many shops but some outlet stores and boutiques, so we decided to go and eat pancakes on a Saturday afternoon. We walked past this cute tea house called “Lawrence House” and I thought it looked surreal. It looks very British and Alice in Wonderland themed. It immediately caught our attention! ☺

As I’ve written before, everything is Alice in Wonderland themed but it’s not that obvious when you enter at first. It’s in the little details – talking about details, this wonderful place has the cutest tableware. We ordered a hot chocolate, coffee, tea and pancakes for us all!

I could just keep going on how much I love the place. It’s so unique because I’ve never seen anything like it in Belgium. The lady who owns this place is super friendly as well – and not the fake friendly, it just feels genuine. On Saturday we spotted a lot of eldery woman drinking coffee, but that doesn’t matter because my mental age is way past fifty anyway ☺

It’s all in the details: little jars of jam, cookies and candy served with hot drinks, an authentic little tea pot and a lot more. I fell in love with the tea timer! I need one like this in my life haha!

We had a lovely afternoon and we’ll be back soon I think! The three of us were full of happiness when we left the place. This weekend I’m going to Centerparcs for two days. It’s in the Netherlands and I’ve only been there once I think, but I don’t remember much of it. I’m excited ☺ Hope you’re all having a great day!

A Trip to Wonderland

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