Your Biggest Mistake Is Not Making Any

“Why?” We start by saying “We make mistakes because….” And fall out of words once we arrive to “because”. Whenever we think we make a mistake we either already know the irritating answer to the question above or we just can’t seem to find an assuaging reason to add after “because” that calms down our […]

Book Review: Opening Belle by Maureen Sherry

For my drives to and from Michigan over the past couple of weekends, I downloaded the audiobook Opening Belle, a new novel by former Bear Stearns managing director Maureen Sherry. Unlike many of her colleagues, Sherry never signed a non-disclosure agreement upon leaving the firm; she wrote Opening Belle partly to offer insight into the […]

My all-natural skincare routine {& 10 ingredients to avoid}

We all want to look gorgeous – preferably without wearing makeup. In pursuit of this goal we have tried lots of skincare products – and makeup products if we felt that we needed to fake the glow until we found the holy grail products that would magically transform our skin. I’ve come to the conclusion […]

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